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The Center for High Value Assets

We are direct provider, seller and lessor of financial instruments such as Bank Guarantees(BG) , Standby Letters of Credit(SBLC) , Letter of Credit (LC), SKR and OTHERS. We also give out loan for any kind of Business/Project that is capable of generating 5% Return of Investment (ROI) to us annually. Please if you are interested then contact us.

  • Insured Safe Deposit Vault Storage

  • Insured Bitcoin Wallet Storage

  • Investment-Grade Gold and Silver

  • Gold & Silver Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)


TSKCI is by far one of the most secure, privacy-minded places available to the public for Storing Valuables large and small. You can also buy and sell investment-grade Gold & Silver Coins & Bars over-the-counter at TSKCI’s “Gold Window” at the best local prices. You can vault and insure Bitcoin Wallets for their full asset value. And you can invest your retirement funds in a Gold or Silver IRA, stored where you can keep an eye on it.

TSKCI is a Texas Corporation, and is licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Created to meet an unmet demand, the first TSKCI facility opened in 2002 in Austin, TX. TSKCI is purpose-built to offer depository-grade vault storage for your assets small and large. We provide you a unique package of ultra-security, insurance, privacy, and accessibility that you can’t get with a home safe or at a banking system facility.

Operating under the same roof, TSKCI is also one of the largest over-the-counter precious metals retailers in Austin, Texas. At TSKCI you can buy and sell Gold and Silver bullion over-the-counter at the lowest local prices in a safe, convenient, consumer-friendly environment. First-time buyers are always welcome.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

As an accredited SecurePlus facility, TSKCI provides maximum-security storage with full-asset value insurance for Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Metals IRAs.

Working with two large and respected Self Directed IRA administrators, TSKCI also offers IRA Depository Services for Precious Metals IRAs.

Safe Deposit Boxes