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Our Business

Nation Builder/ Manufacturer/Factory & Trading Company/Trade Capacity/Production Capacity

Besides a leading financial investor and nation-building, TSKCI is also a renowned Metal scrap exporters, specializing in the processing and export of scrap metals both ferrous and non-ferrous across the globe.

Being amongst the top Metal scrap exporter worldwide, we offer a range of metal scraps such as HMS Scrap, Copper Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, and Aluminum Ingots ETC.

Mining stocks
These companies explore, extract and process valuable minerals and materials.

Metal stocks
This industry focuses on both precious and industrial metals.

Dividend stocks
The combination of predictable income and long-term growth potential makes dividends appealing to many investors.

Cyclical stocks
These stocks trend as the broader economy does, in both times of expansion and rece.

With huge expertise and understanding built over years, combined with a team of extremely professional employees, TSKCI as leading Metal scrap exporters in the USA has the knack to deliver a service beyond the expectancy of our customers. By providing the best prices and delivering the highest quality standards to our buyers, we develop and promote our business relationships on a long-term basis.