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A diverse network in partnership with material manufacturers
As a financial guru nation builder trading company with almost half a century of experience in the  industry, TSKCI has established a strong network in partnership with material manufacturers. Making the most of the wide-ranging knowledge it has built up to date, TSKCI also offers services such as installation of ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete panels), and construction and renovation of offices or retail premises, as well as purchasing and supplying construction equipment and materials.

A large team of specialists in construction equipment and materials
TSKCI has a large team of staff with extensive knowledge of exterior and interior materials, external structures, and other building equipment and materials. TSKCI offers a wide range of construction equipment and materials in line with an equally wide range of needs, focusing particularly on exterior materials such as ALC, extruded cement panels, metal insulating sandwich panels and so on.

Superior information gathering capabilities, to uncover and develop new products in line with people’s needs
Making the most of its information gathering capabilities as a building material trading company, TSKCI strives to uncover new products that are precisely in line with people’s needs, including environmental products and materials for civil engineering, and makes every effort to develop new businesses and create new markets.

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